Wills & probate

Make sure that the things you have worked for in life are protected, assets are preserved and loved ones provided for. Proper legal advice will give you peace of mind and security for those most important to you.

If someone dies, it is important that those left behind can obtain sympathetic but expert help and advice. Our specialist Wills and Probate team understands the sadness and uncertainty that is felt after the death of a family member or friend, and the need for practical help in dealing with complex legal issues.

How we can help?

  • Making a Will – to ensure that your estate goes to the people you want to benefit, not to the taxman. If you die without leaving a Will, the law controls what happens to your estate see WHY MAKE A WILL.
  • Reviewing your Will – review your plans from time to time and as your personal circumstances change, for example if you have children, buy property, get married or divorced.
  • Inheritance Tax planning – make sure that no more of your assets are taxed than necessary. With high property prices, many estates are now subject to Inheritance Tax. Each Will we prepare is tailored to the personal and financial circumstances of the individual.
  • Trusts – we can provide advice about creating and managing trusts to protect your assets and your family in the long term and providing for children.
  • Powers of Attorney – planning to make sure your family can deal with problems in the future see LASTING POWERS OF ATTORNEY.
  • Administration of Estates – when someone dies, you may need to apply for a Grant of Probate in order to deal with their estate, sort out any tax, to gather in assets, and there may be a house or business to be sold.
  • Deeds of Variation – when someone dies, the family can vary the terms of the Will to minimise the impact of Inheritance Tax and to best provide for the needs of the family.
  • Financial maintenance for a dependant when someone dies – sometimes there may be a dispute over the provision made for dependants and this is an area Austins specialise in.
  • Disputes – sometimes there are disagreements about someones Will or how an Estate is administered and we can help to resolve problems.

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See here for information on Probate costs and charges

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