Financial Settlement

Financial Settlement, property, maintenance, pension and other assets

It is important that on a relationship breakdown that there is a resolution of all financial issues. In most cases that is achieved by a settlement being reached between the separating couple. Austins experienced family lawyers provide expert and experienced advice in this area. Our family lawyers will seek to understand what you want to achieve and will help to guide you through the process and the options in working towards resolution.

If you use the Court to resolve financial matters when your relationship breaks down if there is agreement our lawyers will prepare the necessary documents to obtain a Court order. In cases where no agreement initially can be reached on all financial matters and Court representation is required Austins lawyers can assist in this area.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in all aspects of a financial settlement from the most straightforward of cases to cases involving complex issues to include inheritance, companies, partnerships, wills and taxation and other assets held in the UK or overseas.

We can also advise about Financial maintenance for a dependant when someone dies.

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