Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

Austins family lawyers are experienced in preparing pre and post nuptial agreements whether in the most straightforward of cases or where there are substantial assets and/or income. In many cases a couple may before marriage wish to enter into a pre nuptial agreement in relation to financial and property matters. In recent times these agreements have received much support from Judges. The leading case in the Supreme Court of Radmacher and Granatino did not make pre nuptial agreements binding in England and Wales upon divorce but that case did take a purposeful step towards that eventuality.

Whilst no lawyer in England and Wales can currently advise their client that pre nuptial agreement will be binding if the couple divorce the Court has a duty to take this sort of agreement into account and give it weight as appropriate. It is very important that such agreements are entered into by the couple with them both having received independent legal advice on the agreement.

We can also prepare post nuptial agreements and indeed prepare these and pre nuptial agreements in same sex relationships where a Civil Partnership is being entered into.

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